DSC_0030San Diego Christian Legal Aid (SDCLA) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization which offers an appointment for a pro bono (free) hour of legal and spiritual counsel (as appropriate) by attorney volunteers in a variety of specialty areas.   We currently offer three Saturday morning clinics per month, from three church sites within the County. We hope to spread throughout the County over the next few years. We do not establish an attorney-client relationship during the hour of counseling. That means that if your case requires continuing representation, we will try to refer you to either another free legal aid provider or a qualified attorney who may reduce his/her normal rate. Occasionally one of our attorneys will be able to provide limited follow-up assistance or you can schedule a follow-up visit at a subsequent clinic. Although we are Christians, we serve clients of all faiths and beliefs. Although our attorneys specialize in a variety of areas of the law, it may not always be possible to schedule a specialist in the area of concern to you.   When that is the case, we try to consult with a specialist in advance of your appointment and/or consult with one during the appointment (telephonically).